Sep 20, 2013

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Milan Fashion Shows in September 2013: the pop surrealism of Elena Ghisellini

Elena Ghisellini, the eclectic designer for luxury bags, presented during Milan Fashion Week, the new collection spring summer 2014.

Elena Ghisellini

Elena Ghisellini

The identity of a different design and original quickly perceived as an unmistakable symbol of quality and femininity reinforced by a more scathing and extremely elegant which had characteristics that identify the creative evolution of the new collection.

The iconic face of the cats, must have detail on the models signed by the eclectic designer Florentine. It is widely developed and re-interpreted through intense stimuli that evoke the soul, the beauty and charm of the pop surrealism of Ray Caesar in order to enhance exclusive handbags as works of art, to express a mysterious sensuality, transgressive and sometimes shocking.

The details become the real protagonists that were meticulously cared for while being ¬†observed and analyzed to find “the perfect shape” and creates the outstanding of its kind. The bag, in fact, is no longer a simple accessory to match but it becomes a real symbol full of charm, a winning mix that combines aesthetics, novelty and practicality.

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