Sep 18, 2013

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Milan Fashion Shows in September 2013: Alberta Ferretti parade has live streaming with the PE 2014

On the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week today, the Alberta Ferretti fashion show will be presenting the new women’s collection for next spring-summer 2014. Alberta Ferretti parades live on the web.

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti

Find them on the web at 17.00 today to follow the catwalk for Alberta Ferretti. Always Alberta Ferretti has a declination of all contemporary style that has made its lightness dominant feature.

Everything is moved, dubbed, layered to give short dresses as long as the possibility of liquid surfaces, iridescent, bright, as if they were floating essences. The design, therefore, is part of a silhouette in motion, essentially formed by the lightness of the materials.

A silhouette that is able to transform itself by following the women’s movement and almost the ethereal woman wearing, the dress.

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