Apr 1, 2015

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Men Fashion: How to Wear Black for Spring 2015

There are men who may be delighted to be able to wear bright prints come summer but others will also stick to their usual blacks. Or some may think, why not take black to the next level up this spring? So for 2015, here’s a rundown on how to dress up or dress down with the classic black without suffering from the hot weather.

Black tailored trousers

Cropped cuts and pleats are just some of the tailored trouser trends that are propping up this season. If you want to optimize its trendy effect, you simply have to be extra careful with its detailing and let it shine through.

If you want a conventional look, you can opt for a white granddad shirt for the upper and add in a gray blazer for a night out or a wedding event. Another option would be to tuck a light colored shirt to create a retro inspired look.


Black biker jacket

For those who want to look cool despite the heat, the leather biker jacket is a classic piece that any man can pull off. Your personal style will exude edginess especially if you want to portray a rougher image.

When out for a lunch or just running an errand, just dress it down by pairing a white shirt, light jeans and white trainers. Resist the urge to pair it with leather pants no matter how tasty it may seem, after all it’s the spring.


Black sports pieces

For men who wants more adventure in their spring wardrobe, go for a relaxed jersey and a pair of black shorts. If you play any kind of sports, wear your uniform to keep things courtside. Finish it with your favorite trainers and a bomber jacket. Shades and hat are optional.

So what are you waiting for? Try on any of these black choices and you’ll be more fashionable this spring 2015!

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