Dec 24, 2013

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Makeup trends for Christmas

Christmas is only one day away and we all have some social obligations. Whether it’s a party at the office, a family gathering or a formal dinner party, your appearance should be glamorous as required by the spirit of this day. There’s nothing more flattering than to feel the eyes of those around you, turned on you. So, apart from the sophisticated outfit that surely for this day should be special, the proper makeup can make every woman glow.

Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye makeup is suitable for almost every occasion. It is a classic and flattering choise. For more conservative family meetings and social gatherings select lighter shades, such as brown and bronze. For more formal or more youthful meetings experiment with shadows and eye liner in the palette of green, dark blue and purple for dramatically smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes

Shiny lips

Almost every woman has a deep burgundy or a dark red lipstick. So you have to hand half results. All you need to add is a lip gloss in gold or silver color to give your makeup a festive touch that the day requires.

Natural look with dramatic lashes

It is a look that is natural and still very impressive. Keep the rest of your eye makeup in natural tones and add several layers of mascara. False lashes will make the result even more impressive for those you love to pull over your eyes.

Dramatic eyelashes

Dramatic eyelashes

Peach blush

The shades of peach and brown suit all women, regardless their hair color and skin tone. The result exudes health and shine without exaggeration so it should be the No.1 choice for your Christmas makeup. Apply your favorite blush in shades of peach, brown or bronze, not only on the cheeks but also just below the brow bone to give your look the picture of the shiny and healthy beauty.

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