May 26, 2015

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Makeup for Young Girls – Tips for Age-Appropriate Beauty

Little girls often mimic their moms or older sisters and try to put on makeup. It is really a girl thing, but a great makeup is appropriate for the occasion and one’s age. Some cosmetics are too harsh to the young skin, which may cause permanent and unsightly damage. It helps young girls to know the right makeup for their age.


Some cosmetics contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and hormonal problems. According to a study by The Environmental Working Group, the younger a girl uses harmful beauty products, the more she becomes at risk. Parents and guardians need to observe extra precaution when it comes to allowing their little girls taking over their cosmetics, including makeup, hair dye and whitening products.

At any rate, some special occasions do call for young ladies to wear makeup.

Here are helpful make up tips.

  1. Skin – Most girls do not need thick base for makeup. Thin layer of corrective concealer and luminizer works wonders on normally young, flawless skin.

  1. Cheeks – Apply girly notes of pinks and peaches on the cheeks to enhance the girl’s already blushing cheeks.

  1. Eyes – Neutral shades for the eyes often work just as well for day makeup and darker, more playful colors for night events. Clear mascara is ideal because they make the eyes wider and lovelier without appearing too unnatural.

  1. Lips – The same tints of the cheeks are great plus a smudge of lip-gloss to keep the lips moisturize. It helps to put petroleum jelly first before any other cosmetic to protect the lips from chaffing and breaking.


For young girls, it is best to use water-based makeup because it is easier to remove, and does not call for special makeup remover, another chemical later in the day.

Be always protective of your child’s skin and wellbeing. If it is possible for her not to wear any makeup at all, then let her flaunt her natural beauty. More often than not, young girls only need a tinted lip-gloss to complete her look.