Aug 29, 2016

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Make-Up Tips and Tricks That Keep You Looking Young

With some simple and right make-up tricks, you can turn back time and look young all the time.


Obviously, other make-up tricks will be worthless without the right moisturizer. So, before you apply make-up, slather on a moisturizer and then you can go on with your make-up routine.

Use a yellowish foundation.

According to make-up experts, yellow will warm up your skin, and the warmer it looks, the younger you will look. Not only that this will be effective for white women, but also for Asian and black women.


Opt for a liquid concealer.

While you age, you will have more to conceal, but using the wrong concealer will draw attention to your lines. To hide redness and circles without getting cakey, you have to opt for a liquid cover-up, which can cover just as well and does not seep into your facial lines.

Stay away from tinted face powder.

Covering your skin in powder can mean the difference between young and old, so you might want to skip it. But if you feel naked without powder, you should not use one that is tinted, but one that is translucent and light-diffusing. You can apply it in sunlight so that you will see what it actually looks like.

Swank your bone structure.

You would lose fat in your face as you age, but you can take advantage of it by rubbing your blush-in along the highest points of your cheek bones, making them stand out.


Stay with nude lips.

As your lips get smaller, you should stick to shades that enhance the natural tone of your lips. You should look for something that is between a berry shade and your natural lip color. Then, top it off with a clear gloss to keep your lips looking hydrated and full. If the thought of looking old creeps you out, you’re not alone! Nevertheless, you can use these tips and tricks to your advantage in always looking young!