Sep 30, 2013

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Luxury handbag Gucci

The work belongs to a series of weird products made ​​by hand, they make a sophisticated interpretation of the tradition of the company, whose articles are desired today as passed in the wake of a noble tradition, which over time has gained the attention of more chic customers, looking for something that knows how to be truly distinctive in the sign of the class.

Gucci Bag

Gucci Bag

The look, crisp and elegant, takes place with extremely clean lines, to overcome the pitfalls of the time, avoiding premature wrinkles products chasing the ephemeral fashions, away from the corporate culture of the house Gucci.

The graphic canvas, in the purity of its expression, marries beautifully with gold trim light, whose delicate approach combines beautifully with the rest of the plot, to produce a result of great aesthetic value and quality.

The double bamboo handles properly complete the work, which has a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap, ready to meet the different needs of use. Inside stands the natural cotton linen lining, with pockets for cell phone and zipper. The price is worthy of the contents, reaching 1,490 EUROS