Nov 21, 2016

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Keeping Healthy and Fit During the Winter Season

Winter can be a mood-changing season for those who need to stay fit and healthy. In fact, it can make some people feel lost as the cold days approach. The good news is that you can still achieve the same results by following these easy steps.

Walking or Running Up or Down the Stairs

If you are looking for high-intensity workouts during the winter, you can just decide to walk or run on your stairs at home or the apartment building. This way, you can burn some calories more efficiently without having to go outside. You can also add something before you go from one floor to another. This can be done by leaving the stairs and walk or run through the hallway and back to resume your ascent or descent.

Ice Skating


If you are fond of getting out during the winter, you can skate outside. However, you can also do it indoors if you have ample space for it.

  • Try to skate for 10 meters, as fast as you can.
  • Touch the ice with your hand the moment you come to a complete halt.
  • Try to sprint back as quickly as you can to your starting point and touch the ice again.
  • You need to skate leisurely for one or minutes so that you can catch your breath.

You can simply do it slowly at first, but as you get better, try to reduce the rest time or time intervals.

Indoor Sports

You can join an individual or team sports program. Just categorize the competition from recreational to expert. When it comes to competition, you can always visit gyms at local schools or community centers where most competitive sports are held. Such activities include basketball, floor hockey, and badminton or tennis.



One very effective way to sweat it all out is Zumba dancing. It can help you become more agile and flexible, and it may even make muscles toned. Zumba dancing lessons should be available all around your neighborhood. Some dance lessons are offered free of charge, while others require membership fees.