Aug 9, 2014

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Is it too early to start planning my winter wardrobe?

Although the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s never too early to start planning your winter wardrobe. In fact, stocking up on a few winter items in the summer months can save you a great deal of money as many of the chunky knits and snug boots of last season will now appear in the summer sales.. and they’re often up to half price.

Winter fashions for less

From tweed trousers and silky blouses to elaborate brooches and hearty knits, winter fashions are stepping it up a notch this season. Instead of waiting until the weather changes completely, try and stock up on a few key ensembles now. This will mean spending a little bit of money every now and again as opposed to a large sum in one sitting.

Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

Buy versatile summer styles

When investing in a new summer wardrobe, it’s often a good idea to purchase clothing that can be worn again throughout the colder months, perhaps with the addition of a pair of tights, a layered jumper or a winter jacket. Aside from saving a little money, you’ll also save a great deal of time. If you’re only thinking of investing in one winter essential, make it a coat or blazer. A well-tailored high-street coat will instantly update an otherwise tired wardrobe and can often be included alongside virtually any ensemble – regardless of whether you’re looking for an outfit to wear to a McCarthy and Stone open day or a lunch date with friends.

Making the transition from spring to winter

When it comes to making the transition from spring to winter, it’s often wise to purchase outfits in sets. If not, you may find that you’re missing a matching pair of shoes or alternatively, you have nothing to go with that new tweed skirt you purchased a few weeks ago.

The art of planning

Sometimes planning your winter wardrobe in advance is a much better idea than leaving it to the last minute. After all, a good winter coat can take many months to find, whilst shoes that are both stylish and practical can also prove tricky to source. Creating a mood board whereby you keep a scrap book full of the winter looks you admire is certainly one way to make the entire purchasing process that little bit easier.