Dec 11, 2012

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iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case – Puro | Check it out now!

For all geek but also chic anime lover, we introduce a new accessory for iPad which is the new product from Pure, the well-known accessories brand and this is the Case / Smart Cover in faux leather, available in four brand-new and trendy neon colors that you will adore.

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case

This is a case that is compatible with both iPad 2 and iPad 3 which is made of faux leather and features a perforated effect which gives it a casual mood always fresh and never boring. It is available in four colors (black and fluo 3): black, hot pink, neon blue and neon yellow. I have chosen blue, because I liked the contrast between the blue fluorescent and white.

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case - Black

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case – Black

The housing is made from a very thin hard cover and a more comfortable that follows the structure of the opening like a book, so it will be easier to protect and move the iPad safely.

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case - Green

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case – Green

There is also a “tongue” for placing the iPad in two positions: upright for example, to read or watch a video or horizontal, which is ideal for writing or browse online.

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case - Pink

iPad 3 Golf Fluo Case – Pink

The perforated effect also makes sure that the housing also carries an anti-slip function.
The price of each cover is 49.99 euro online.

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