Jan 3, 2015

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How to Transform Yourself into That Trendy Geek

Being geeky does not always mean you are not in. Actually, it is just a matter of style and confidence to be able to rock the geeky chic outfit. Here’s how to do it.

Wearing the lenses

There was a time when people wearing specs were being laughed at for being nerdy or geeky. At that time, eyeglasses were not cool. But today, looking nerdy and hot at the same time is the best shot. This goes with the notion that “Intelligence is the new sexy.”

So whether you have those lenses which have been prescribed or not, then you have to rock with those. This kind of fashion basically revolves around this piece, so it is basic that you would wear them though there is really no set rule for this. Moreover, this cannot only be for fashion reasons alone, there are those pieces which will protect you from radiation from the sun or from the computer if you are usually exposed to it.


Displaying the crops and the skinnies

Cropped pants might sound to you as something which have been forgotten or outdated by the radar of fashionistas. Colored skinnies, as you might have observed, are becoming more produced and displayed in many popular clothing stores. Look by the windows in malls and boutiques and you will again see the hipster scene.

Moreover, just because this style sounds so geeky, it does not mean you also have to be dull. You can choose pants with bright colors or catchy prints which could grab attention.

Walking in Oxfords

This is a kind of footwear which is classic when it comes to achieving the key look. Having them may seem odd and old but, they are still considered chic nowadays.

This classic style will surely make you belong to the geeky yet chic trend nowadays. There are also new designs which are flirtier than the ones before.

Having the right tee

The basic style to have is a graphic tee even though others might be telling you that it is just for the fan boys. You will still look in if you get a cute tee which fits you perfectly and would reveal your figure subtly.