Oct 17, 2016

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How to Take OOTD Pictures like a Pro

Posting your outfit of the day can be a fun hobby. If you want to have images that you can proudly upload, try these tips from #OOTD pros.

Longer Legs

We weren’t all born with legs that could go on for miles. But no worries. If you want to elongate your pins, the trick is to take your shots from below. You can ask your photographer to kneel or position the camera from a lower reference point.

Interesting Background


You don’t have to stick to your bedroom for your OOTD shots. Be adventurous and venture outside. Look for interesting buildings, walls, or landscapes that can serve as unique backgrounds. Just make sure that your surroundings complement instead of clash with your outfit.

Beautiful Lighting

Learn how to use natural lighting to create the right mood in your images. For example, if you’re going for a more romantic feel, shoot during the golden hours of the day when the sun emits a soft light. If you want long shadows for a funky effect, shoot in the middle of the afternoon with a blank wall as your background.

Perfect Shot

Don’t be content with taking one picture and posting that right away. Try different angles, poses, and filters and don’t stop until you feel you have the perfect shot. Hey, even professional models have hundreds of photos taken before the photographer is happy they have the best one.


Be You

Yes, you want to have pictures that resemble those of popular Instagrammers who have thousands of followers. But what’s the point of taking OOTDs if you’re not having fun and if the images don’t reflect who you really are? Remember that your style isn’t only reflected in your clothes and accessories, it is also seen in your personality and how you carry yourself. So be comfortable in your own skin and don’t be afraid to act natural in your photos.