Jan 13, 2014

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How to properly straighten your hair

Most women face problems when it comes to straight hair. Silky, healthy, straight hair is something that every woman wants to achieve. Few of them know the proper way to do it, which results to hair damage. Below we have analyzed, step by step, the entire process.

1. Shampoo with any of the shampoos that facilitate straightening hair. Then necessarily apply conditioner to soften them. For even better results, do not wash your hair with your head facing down, but upright.

2. Gently pat your hair without rubbing and start to dry them with the dryer, passing in between your fingers. Do not completely dry them yet. The hair must retain approximately 70% of their moisture. If you are particularly wild or frizzy, we propose to use a product that does not need rinsing, before drying.

Blow drying hair

Blow drying hair

3. Divide and work your way, grabing little by little with a large round brush made ​​of natural hair, starting from the back and ending up. A clasp will help to keep the remaining hair furled . You have to download the hair parallel to the lock , to smooth the outer surface of the hair.

If you use a straightening iron, the hair should be completely dry and it is even better if you have washed them the previous day. To protect them from damage, apply a special cream for straightening that will protect them from the heat. Follow the same tactics described for straightening the hair, separating the hair little by little and downloading the press parallel to the hair with a continuous motion.

Straightening iron

Straightening iron

4. Apply immediately after a serum to smooth the edges and avoid frizzing.

By Nicole P.

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