Nov 25, 2013

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How to look stylish when the temperature drops

          Winter fashions might change with each new season, but the bare necessities remain the same: looking sharp while keeping warm. Investing in a good coat is the first step. Pink has become this season’s surprise top colour, everything from blush to magenta. Oversized designs with keen tailoring are still strongly on trend, and a belted style means extra warmth.

Look stylish

          Shoes with good grip are indispensable in the country and the city. Hunter wellies are perfect for walking the dog, no matter how many puddles are on the route. For inner city comfort, with a country twist, a pair of Dubarry boots are sturdy but chic. Pair boots with a set of alpaca socks for truly cosy toes.

          An ear warmer headband has become the ideal item for when it’s not quite cold enough for a hat. Fleece headbands suit sporty people who enjoy zipping about on skis. For a more whimsical look get a hand knitted ear warmer – if you’re no good at knitting fear not, plenty of people sell their handmade goods online.

          For when the weather gets really frosty, a snood is more practical than a scarf. A neutral colour should complement the pink coat you’ve invested in (step number one remember!). A thicker type also doubles up as an impromptu hood for if the heavens open. A clever little trick is to buy a waterproofing spray and prep everything in advance. This means there doesn’t need to be a compromise on fabrics: cashmere is still on the menu.

          For gloves, nothing beats a beautiful leather pair. Leather means there’s no loss of grip, making them ideal for driving. For the mobile phone obsessives amongst us however go for a pair of touch screen gloves. No more cold fingertips while checking for any new messages, or killing time on the bus playing with apps.

          A dainty handbag just doesn’t seem to cut it in winter either. Go for a sensible holdall bag that secures firmly. This’ll help protect any technology that’s being carried from the cold or rain. Bags aren’t just for women, continuing the leather satchel trend, the latest trend for men are leather backpacks, which are great for carrying a flask of mulled wine during a cold winter walk.

          Now they may not be glamorous but if there’s something that should be on everyone’s winter shopping list it’s this: thermal underwear. Vests, long johns, socks, everything that’s thermal. Teamed with the coat, boots, ear warmers, snood and gloves, it should be the warmest winter yet.

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