Dec 24, 2014

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How to Let Your Makeup Shimmer and Shine

With more glittery makeup and cosmetics on the market, you don’t need to be wrapped up in a gold or silver sheath just to sparkle. You can glitter through your eyeliner or nail polish. Using such makeup, however, must be done with great care, so you don’t end up looking like a Christmas tree.

On applying eyeliner

Forget about cat eyes or flicks. When using glittery eyeliner, it is best to keep it simple yet sparkly. Start tracing your liner from the tear duct to the outer corner of your eye, and then add a thick line in the middle. It is important to remember that the glitter must stand out, not the shape you create.

On using a sparkling lipstick

Going for heavy makeup and glossy lipstick could make a look suitable for Halloween. If you want your pout to glitter, keep everything else simple and clean, such as a highlighter on your lids, strong brows and nothing else. For the lipstick, you have the option to use loose glitter or a lipstick covered with sparkly gloss in the same shade. Between the two, you can eliminate the possibility of ingesting shimmer when you use the latter.


On applying nail polish

Make your nails sparkle by using a product with multicolored chunks of glitter. But don’t just swipe it all over. To get the best result, apply a layer of basecoat first, followed by a coat of nail polish in silver. Once these coats dry out dab the sparkly polish on the surface rather than paint your nails with it.


On adding glitter on eyelids

An eye shadow that glitters must be done with careful precision. The last thing you want to happen is for the shimmer to start flying out the moment you bat your eyes. To this end, apply a layer of cream shadow where loose glitter can adhere to. Dip your brush in loose glitter of any color and apply it on your lids. Make sure to remove any excess and, using a damp makeup brush, press the flecks in place.