Sep 1, 2013

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How to have straight hair without plates -DIY

How to have straight hair without a straight plate? The key is a perfect styling that requires some manual dexterity and the use of professional tools, but that gives hair a dream. The hair must be healthy and well fed in order to be processed with satisfactory results. In addition to that a smoothing agent to be used in the phase of styling and oil against dry tips is going to be a great help.

Straight hair

Straight hair

First essential step is the washing, use a mild shampoo and serve it with a detangling conditioner. Once this is done take out the excess water with a terry towel, then apply a smoothing cream and drain into the hair with hairdryer. When the hair is still wet comb it gently to remove the knots and give definition to the cut.

At this point, divide your hair into many sections and with a round brush and a professional hairdryer start to work them one by one in order to DELETE the

frizz and give the hair the desired fold. Remember that to add volume to the roots is important to aim the jet from the bottom of the dryer while to better define the tips may be necessary to insist with the brush. To conclude the styling spray on the glossy foliage or apply on the tips a nourishing oil. As a final touch, to give more volume, you can toss your hair upside down working them for a few seconds with the cold jet of the dryer. Et voila,unveiled here’s how to make a perfect hairdo.

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