Jan 10, 2015

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How to Flaunt Your Preggy Look Like a Celebrity

Celebrities do it – showing off their baby bump, wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis or mid rib blouses that flaunt their pregnancy. Women don’t hide their pregnancy anymore like they used to, but some are still reluctant to flaunt this fantastic stage of their life.

Pregnant women need to know how to dress up stylishly and comfortably, to boost their confidence and enhance their mood during times bombarded with erratic surges of hormonal imbalance and mood swings. Some women utterly need a confirmation of love and adoration when they’re pregnant because it’s natural for them to feel un-pretty, having gained extra pounds and becoming too big for their favorite clothes.


Pregnancy should not really alter your fashion statement. It’s helps to stick to the ensembles you like wearing while not pregnant. If you like jeans, go for it. There are stretchy, comfy jeans out there you can match with a flowing shirt, and then finish it up with your favorite leather jacket. Find jeans with a soft, adjustable band along the tummy area for added comfort.

When going for a swim, don’t be afraid to wear a bikini. For more coverage, try tunics or tube dresses over your swimwear.

If you are the dress-y type, find a dress that accentuate your bulging tummy and not those that flow down shapeless. You look sexy as you are – a pregnant woman. So yes, buy that tight fitting lycra dress, and don a pair of comfortable pumps for a sexy, preggy party look.

Wrap dresses are the common clothes for pregnant women, showing off the bump well and giving a sexy look with the plunging neckline. If you prefer them in dark colors, accentuate them with bold and huge jewelries, striking colored shoes and bags or belts.


Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences that only a woman can have. And this is reason enough for them to show off their bumps to the world, and not hide it. While it is true that pregnancy can cause odd changes in the woman’s body, from darkening of the skin to having stretch marks, still there is a peculiar kind of beauty in pregnancy.

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