Nov 22, 2014

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How to Feng Shui Your Wardrobe

Okay, for the skeptics, Feng Shui isn’t some kind of black magic, voodoo or any witchy deal. More than anything, it’s about aligning the energy in your home to create an accommodating environment.

But unfortunately, it can come quite a challenge to turn your home into a sanctuary. So, why not start with your closet? Here are examples of the 25 most stylish walk-in-closets!



No matter which part of the house you decide to focus on, removing things you don’t love or use anymore is always the first step. Clutter can be the biggest energy block in the home so it definitely has to go.

But clothes represent a part of our identity; they can bring up memories and feelings, making them hard to give up. If you face this dilemma, simply start with items you are sure you no longer need. That will help get the ball rolling.

Always organize.

Once you have finally gotten the unnecessary out of the picture, organizing whatever is left in your closet comes next. Whether you want to color coordinate your wardrobe or not is up to you; that’s a matter of personality type anyway. And if you are planning to keep your shoes inside shoe boxes, just make sure that they do not lead to your closet looking even more cluttered.

Folding clothes in drawers does not have any effect in energy. However, dirty clothes scattered on the floor do.

Walk in wardrobe

Your Bed

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to store anything under your bed because that energy may come up from under your mattress. But, there can be a way around this.

Anything soft, such as clothing or linens, would be okay under the bed. Why? Because these things emit soft energy, contrary to metals which emit hard energy. With that said, avoid storing shoes or belts under your bed.

For the Single Ladies

There are Feng Shui books advising single women to leave some space in their closets for “opportunity”. However, you don’t necessarily have to follow this. Embody your wardrobe space to the fullest. This reflects you feel complete and are not in need of anyone to feel complete. Being a whole person on your own is so much more attractive than appearing like you are waiting for someone to complete you.

And remember, your closet, your home – they’re all a reflection of you.

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