Mar 14, 2014

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How to dress to look taller

There are some outfit tips that will help you look taller, even though nature has endowed you with the desired height. The most important thing is to create an illusion through clothing! Next time, then, you dress to go to work or to go out with your friends, do the magic, creating your personal, unique style.

No baggy clothes

Wear clothes that are your size. No need to select a size smaller because then you will have a wrong result as well. Just stick to your size choosing pieces that flatter your body, because baggy clothes give you unnecessary volume but not height.

Vertical stripes

The classical advice! Choose clothes with vertical lines. The vertical stripes make the body always looks loftier and more delicate, in respect of horizontal stripes or some other prints bulking and ultimately lose height. You can wear vertical lines on pants, shirts or even dresses.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes


If you want to highlight the neckline, then you better choose a shaped V, which has the ability to give height. Some accessories long neck can accentuate even further the desired result. Watch only the color and the print of the shirt to match the accessories.

High heeled shoes

Wear high heeled shoes! It is the easiest way to add height. The pumps are an excellent choice but stay away from shoes that have an ankle strap as they shorten the leg. You can also wear ankle boots or sandals with a thin tights.

High heeled shoes

High heeled shoes

No large bags

We like big bags but it would be good to avoid them in this case. Huge bags more often prevail in the eye and make a woman look even shorter. Choose medium sized bags, to be in harmony with your height.

High waisted pants

The tall crotch shows walk taller and slimmer. Choose your tight pants and these straight line that will flatter your particular body. Caution! Avoid capri pants that reduce the height.

High wasted pants

High wasted pants

Correct length in a skirt or dress

If you are missing a bit of height it is best to avoid very long skirts and long dresses and a hide away and lose so the prospect of gain. If you have a sleek silhouette, dare mini skirts or even shorts, otherwise a skirt above the knee is the best option.

By Nicole P.

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