Dec 26, 2013

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How to choose the proper high heels

All women love high heeled shoes but sometimes they can be really tiring. The proper choice of high heels can save you from spending money and from the pain caused by them. Learn how to make the right choice and do not hesitate to reuse your favorite heels.

Prefer the ones with the double bottom

The raised part in front of the sole of the shoe, is often called double bottom. The higher it is, the more comfortable is the feeling when you walk. For example, if your heel is 12 cm, but if the front part has a height of 3 cm, you will feel a heel height of 9 cm. If your shoe has no front support, the inclination of your foot is just as much and the height of the heel, so your feet will hurt much more.

High Heels

High Heels

Toe movement

If you choose classic, closed and pointed shoes, trie to move your toes. If the inside shoe space is limited you can not make this move. Made ​​sure to try a size larger, so your toes will have the space to breath and walking will be a piece of cake.

Buy pads

Care to provide transparent patches on the bottom of your shoe, so to relieve your foot and help you stay upright on your heels more comfortable.

High heel toe pads

High heel toe pads

Choose good quality high heels

You may seek variety in your wardrobe, but choosing the right shoe is very important and is usually characterized by higher costs. It is better off to choose a few pairs that are good quality than to get lots of pairs that will hurt your feet and you wont be able to enjoy them.

By Nicole P.