Jan 7, 2014

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How to Choose the Best Natural Shampoo

It’s no secret that natural products will be near the top of the shopping list for the most environmentally conscious among us – and this shift in attitude has even extended to the products we purchase to clean and protect our hair.

 Natural Shampoo

Natural Shampoo

For the majority of us, rain, wind, heat, humidity and pollution combine to wage war on our tresses, which is likely to be an ongoing battle if we don’t have the correct shampoo in our corner.

Add in the destruction done to our locks by harmful chemicals contained in traditional shampoo and it’s clear to see something has to give.

Of course, we all want to have beautiful hair that has passers-by taking a second glance as we stride past confidently, but many of the chemicals used in some shampoos hiner our efforts to achieve the hair we deserve.

Step forward, natural shampoo.

Containing a variety of natural plant and herb extracts, natural shampoo offers a variety of benefits for the discerning hair washer. But what do you look for when attempting to choose the best natural shampoo to suit your unique mane?

Read on to find out …

Selecting a natural shampoo

Typically, natural shampoos comprise plant and herb extracts that are designed to boost your hair’s shine and vitality. Additionally, it can actually aid hair growth as its natural ingredients fuel  your hair follicles.

As a rule of thumb, keep your eyes peeled for natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera (both are recognised as excellent scalp moisturisers), organic shea butter, beta glucan and organic tea tree oil.

It’s wise to discount “natural” shampoos with more than nine ingredients, however, as they are prime candidates for housing synthetic ingredients that are harmful to hair. Indeed, some natural shampoos claim to be organic, but the contents highlighted on its label often say otherwise. What’s more, be mindful to avoid shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulphates, ammonium lauryl sulphate, mureth sulphate, siloxanes or offshoots of lauryl alcohol.

The benefits of natural shampoo

Not only will a natural shampoo stimulate hair growth, its extracts combine to leave hair feeling fresh, clean, healthy and well moisture, and its amino acids help strengthen hair from the roots, which gives it that inimitable shine.

Put simply, the sodium chloride found in non-natural shampoos has the potential to dry out your skin and hair, with this lack of moisture making your scalp prone to cracking, which can lead to dandruff and even psoriasis.

In addition, given its contents, natural shampoo is inherently non-allergenic, which makes it suitable for those of you who are prone to allergies, suffer from sensitive skin or are simply concerned about the ingredient that make up your products.