Apr 11, 2016

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How to Attract Street Style Photographers on Any Given Fashion Week

The New York, Paris, and London Fashion Week have all come and gone with another looming on the horizon. Bloggers, editors, models, celebrities, stylists and fashion gurus will descend on any fashion event and even if you’re just the regular chick out for the next trend, you can still get to be the focus of any photo lens by being confident with your outfit choices.

To make you fashion ready for these important occasions, here are guides on how to make yourself worthy of a photographer’s shots.


No need to overdo your wardrobe

Unless you’re Lady Gaga who wants to make the boldest statement, there’s no need to overdo it. Simply incorporate summer colors with your favorites for fall and you’ll look more glamorous.

Make a statement with a bold shoe

A usual ensemble can be made dramatic by the right choice of shoes. Consider brightly colored ones, biker boots or loafers that are men inspired.

Be more confident

The most eye catching outfit may turn some heads but if you are not confident in it, onlookers can easily turn their attention to the person next to you. Whether your style is minimal or over the top, the most interesting is how you carry yourself. And this is more exciting for street style photographers.

Have fun while being fashionable

Be creative with your look, after all, fashion weeks are all about creativity, fun, and excitement. Be daring with bold colors and don’t be afraid to look unique. Try out your most feared wardrobe or color combination and you’ll realize it’s actually fun!


Feel comfortable by being yourself

While walking on the sidewalk or any other venue, own it as if you have walked many times in those shoes. Give off that cool incognito look instead of being whimsical. Photographers will actually think you’re someone worth their snaps by being yourself.