Jun 17, 2015

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How British Men Finally Get Serious about Looking Great

London has always been known for its attention-grabbing menswear. For example, Beau Brummell, the English-French cricketer and fashion designer was known for his dandyism in the 1790s. Then, there were the Camden punks clad in alternative clothing and safety pins in the 1970’s.

However, London’s male fashion shows seemed to be less glamorous compared to women’s. Thankfully, all that is about to change this season.


There were talks of using the avant garde collection of eccentric designer Craig Green, as well as about wardrobe crises and taking inspiration from magazine fashion cupboards. And the opening Topman show of the London Collections Men proved all those efforts. If you haven’t seen the men’s fashion show, some of the pieces that were quite eye-catching include silk pocket handkerchiefs, leopard print jackets, cool hoodies and floral scarves. Most of the models also wore awesome sunglasses throughout the show.

Style director Adrian Clark said, “People are definitely making more of an effort… The biggest change I’ve noticed is that a lot of designers contacted me this season to ask if I wanted to borrow clothes to wear to the shows.”


Style editors like Clark are often lent clothes from top designers of women’s clothing, but rarely happens in menswear.

This goes to show that the London Collections Men is growing and improving. Four years ago, men’s clothing were a far cry from the women’s. In fact, there was no formal comparison of a male equivalent to the London Fashion Week. But after LCM launched its first ever show in 2012, the number of great designers for men’s clothes have gone from 46 to 77. Aside from that, sales of menswear have reached a total of £298bn last year. This translates to a 4.5% year-on-year growth, showing clear signs that the market is finally booming.

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