Jun 3, 2015

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Hottest Transgender Models to Ever Grace Magazines and TV Shows

Have you seen the latest Vanity Fair cover? If you have, then you have met VF’s Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known to the world as Kris Jenner’s husband, Bruce. As you can see, her transformation has been quite successful with the famous magazine showcasing stunning photos of her wearing sexy dresses.


But Caitlyn isn’t the first transgender to ever grace a huge publication like Vanity Fair. There have been dozens of trans individuals who have also displayed their majestic transformations. Here are some of them:

Carmen Carrera

Ms. Carrera is a reality TV personality in America and is part of the Logo reality series RuPaul’s Drag Race. Carmen is known for her impeccable figure and flawless appearance, paving her way to stardom. In fact, she has appeared in numerous magazine covers as well as in LA Fashion Week. She first announced she was transgender in 2012, which was also the time she started her transition.

Ines Rau

Ines was born in Paris, France but is of North African descent. She is now based in New York City after a scout discovered her and brought her to the US to work as a full-time model. This gorgeous model has also appeared in leading publications like Lurve and American Playboy.


Lauren Foster

Ms. Foster was born in South Africa. Her transition began when she was 17. She underwent hormone therapy while living as a female full-time. When she turned 18, she then had sex reassignment performed by world-famous surgeon Derk Crichton. She was one of the first to pose for Vogue Mexico in the 1980s. Aside from that, she was featured in numerous magazines and advertisements.

Fiona Solis

Born in the Philippines, Fiona joined several Miss Transgender competitions. She also appeared in several TV shows and a handful of commercials. Ms. Solis is aiming to join the Queen International beauty pageant which will be held in Thailand.