Jan 8, 2014

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Hot tips for combatting dry skin

Imagine the feeling as you stare in the mirror and see the face of your nightmares – dry, flaky and unhealthy looking, it’s simply not the skin you want to be seen in.

combatting dry skin

combatting dry skin

And, no matter what traditional make-ups or treatments you use, covering up dry skin in a healthy way can be a difficult prospect.

So, we’ve rounded up a few tips to clean up those pores!

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

While you may think that simply using a bit of water to pep up your skin will help in the fight against dryness, moisturising regularly is a real necessity, and will keep your skin pert and perky.

For the more sensitive skin type, avoid using moisturisers containing alcohol or harsh chemicals, as they’ll be more likely to damage your pores in the long run. The real trick is to choose the natural options and, with regular application, your skin will be far healthier.

Use a mineral powder make-up

Mineral powder is being hailed as the future for make-up, providing a natural alternative to more mainstream synthetic compounds.

Being a far lighter mixture means that, with mineral powder, you’re less likely to look “caked” in make-up and being free of any oils, perfumes, talcs or dyes will leave your skin less prone to irritation or damage upon application.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an all-natural look that won’t damage your skin, then a mineral powder make-up is your best bet.

Make sure those vitamins are pumping

Like everything concerning your body, the real trick to maintaining healthier skin is to fill your diet with vitamins that can keep those pores at their peak. That old adage, “Your body is a temple” is still as true today as it ever was, with vitamins A, E and D keeping the skin looking holy.

While you can take all of these vitamins in the form of supplements, try to pack your mealtimes with “super foods” containing these nutrients to optimise the body’s vitamin intake.

So, for your vitamin A intake give sweet potatoes, carrot juice and green, leafy vegetables a go.

For vitamin E, try pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and wholegrain cereals and breads.

And, for vitamin D, fill your diet with fish, eggs and sprouts.

Keep your diet in shape in this way and you’ll soon find that your skin will be fighting fit, too.

Get your sweat on

While it might not look too appealing when you’re in your workplace or on a first date, being a bit sweaty is actually a great way to keep your skin moisturised.

It’s the case that your skin’s natural moisture producers are the sebaceous glands, which are naturally slowed in chillier weather, making a warmer temperature an ideal way to hydrate the skin’s thirst for sweat.

So, wrap up warm and exercise a bit to work up a sweat and keep those glands pumping.

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