Dec 14, 2012

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Hair Accessories 2012: Fluon comes on line, the iron plate that makes curling hair and create different styles

To give new styles always and particularly different, one of the most used accessories is definitely the plate. The selection of the plate on the market is really a fight and today we are featuring Online Fluon, a professional plate of Uki International, whose design was done by a famous international designer, Andy.

Fluon Iron Plate

Fluon Iron Plate

Online Fluon is a professional plate that can iron, curl and create mood hair that is different. An innovative product for its category, made of ceramic tourmaline, which is a relatively rare mineral endowed with qualities such as that of naturally which emits a massive amount of negative ions and infrared rays, resulting in hair soft, shiny and bright (free of electrostatic effect).

The plate is 24 mm long; it can be easy use even for those who have medium length hair. It has a system of heating of a ceramic metal that reaches therefore the temperature in a few minutes. A product that is not only technological but also beautiful to look at: it was precisely designed for its appearance from an international designer Andy who gave to the product it’s unmistakable style, giving it a colorful, young and attractive form. The cable has a three-meter rotating 360 ° angle, which makes it very easy to handle and suitable for non-professional use. The price is 96.20 Euro.

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