Feb 1, 2018

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Groom’s Guide to Picking the Best Wedding Shoes

How should the groom’s shoes be? Sometimes during preparation for a wedding, it’s one of the complements we dedicate the least time on, but the truth is it’s one of the most important. Here is all you need to know.

What does the protocol say about the groom’s shoes?

The shoes have the ability to completely change a look. Therefore, they deserve the necessary attention. No more, nor less than the suit of the groom. The nuptial protocol dictates that the shoes of the groom must be of skin or leather, black and without glosses, closed and with round tips. Do you agree? For a long time, traditions have been changing and protocol is about to break. At NextFashionBlog we are very fond of daring couples and couples who decide to give their wedding touch a unique touch. We are also very fond of shoes such as those of Paul Evans which bring a whole new meaning to elegant wedding shoes.

It is allowed to play with the type of skin, the color of the shoes and the details of them, but first of all you must be very clear about the appropriate shape for your groom’s shoe.

4 Forms for groom’s shoes


It is the most classic and ideal model for the most traditional grooms and weddings. Sober and elegant pieces that lack ornaments so they adapt perfectly to the groom’s morning coat. These shoes have Prussian stitching, so the seams of their lapels are located below the front, being the most formal shoe model of all and the one that best meets the traditional protocol of the wedding.


This model, more informal than Oxford, has English stitching. Their flaps go outside. It is the perfect shoe for the bride and groom looking for a formality relief in their look. The Derby shoe allows you to play with more details, which reduces the formality of the groom’s look.


This type of shoe is perfect for formal weddings with a more casual touch. English stitching makes the shoe less thin and gives it a rigid appearance that allows more details and perforations.


It is, without doubt, the most informal model of all. It replaces the classic cords with buckles, making it ideal for outdoor weddings, relaxed and far from conventionalism and protocol.

What you should keep in mind when choosing shoes

Before choosing your pair of shoes you must consider the suit, and look for a model that matches with it. To choose the look of a groom you must be very clear about the place of celebration and the style of the wedding. A ceremony in a large church is not the same as a civil wedding on a farm. Therefore, shoe models will vary from one celebration style to another. Same for the time of year. Spring and summer weddings give place to more colors than winter weddings, whose color par excellence will be black.

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