Aug 3, 2015

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Giving Your Beloved Leather Items More than a Second Chance



Some things we just can’t part with so easily. The longer a pre-loved item stays intact and functional, the harder it is to part with them mainly because they’ve been our loyal partners in style.

Often, items that stay very long are leather items such as footwear, bags and belts. But aged leather stuff can look dull and dirty, which makes them the least viable option to wear. Well, here are handy suggestions to giving your leather items another chance.

  • Do not dry leather items too quickly. If they get wet, let them dry naturally by air-drying them. Do not use blower or expose the leather under the sun or other forms of heat as this dries up the leather and cause cracks.


  • ¬†Moisten leather now and then using petroleum jelly or leather conditioner. Remove obstructing details off the item, clean off the surface first with damp cloth and air-dry it. Afterwards, proceed to applying petroleum jelly or conditioner using sponge or cloth.
  • Apply leather polish to the leather. This is useful for making the leather glisten like new. Just follow the instructions provided along with the leather polish product.
  • Once your leather item is clean and shiny again, use it with care. Do not overfill bags and do not wear shoes that are damp or wet as this could stretch the leather. Stretched leather is not resilient, and would not return to its original size once dry.


  • When storing leather items, do not use plastic bags, but place them inside cloth containers instead. This allows the leather to breathe and retain its moisture and softness. Check on the item often to see if it needs conditioner and polish.
  • When you find damage to your leather item, bring it to a leather expert right away and have it retouched or repaired. This prolongs the life of your beloved accessories, and prevents a small damage from becoming big and permanent.

Love your leather items and they will surely love you back. Leather, when taken good care of, can last for many years and still look great and fashionable. They are a classic compliment to any style you want to wear.

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