Dec 15, 2012

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Giorgio Armani and Sean Penn together to support the people of Haiti

Giorgio Armani and the actor, friend of the designer and Oscar-winning actor, the famous Sean Penn are together again for a very important collaboration of solidarity: a campaign absolutely exclusive for charity in which the two celebrities appear next to each other for support of J / P HRO or the association for the people of Haiti.

Giorgio Armani and Sean Penn Campaign

Giorgio Armani and Sean Penn Campaign

The campaign debuted just this month, in December in some of the most important newspapers from around the world. Started in Cannes, just in the last Film Festival, in this very special venue has been officially announced the new humanitarian cooperation of the two friends that will last about a year, and will take shape through a series of events around the world that will have as an aim of raising funds.

This association, the J / P HRO, was founded in 2010 by Sean Penn after the terrible earthquake that devastated the island of Haiti. The association since its founding has never stopped trying to improve the living conditions of the displaced people still living in camps that receive them. This time was also provided medical assistance, education programs and community development; they have tried to build new homes and rebuild entire neighborhoods destroyed by the earthquake.

The main purpose of J / P HRO is to support the displaced until every one of them will be able to return to their homes in neighborhoods stronger and safer.
You can make donations directly to the foundation of / haiti. Further details of J / P HRO is available at

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