Sep 18, 2013

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Gift bags

          If there’s one thing a celebrity won’t be spotted with, it’s a grotty little bag with all their bits and pieces chucked in and the holes in the lining held together with masking tape. There’s a reason why the ‘it’ bag has become the staple accessory over recent years with increasing investment by fashion brands to ensure their bags are as desirable as their clothes.



          Such is the draw of a decent handbag that they’re often high on the top of people’s dream wish lists. If you want to get in the affections of a style vulture, one of the easiest ways to show you’ve been paying attention to their subtle hints is to select one of their dream bags as a gift for them.

          A keen traveller for example would always find a use for a Kipling travel tote. Plenty of space for essentials while remaining strong and sturdy enough to be thrown about on a plane makes it an excellent choice. This is also a safe choice if you’re not as certain on their day to day style. A travel bag will always get used at some point, meaning that practicality will win out no matter what, and for the hardcore traveller remember nothing beats Samsonite.

          Someone more likely to travel by taxi to the nearest cocktail bar than by air to foreign shores might prefer a delightful clutch instead. Something just big enough for keys, mobile and lipstick is all that’s needed. Making sure it’s super versatile is really important, although that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and black. A pop of colour or embellishment on a clutch bag can spark up an outfit in an instant, so if anything go with the adage the bolder the better.

          On the opposite end of the scale, for the overworked loved one in your life a decent briefcase will always be appreciated to help organise their busy lives. Often a great gift for a graduation, a briefcase signals the graduate’s first step into the grown up world of adult work.  Briefcases aren’t just the boxy leather cases immortalised in the 1980s. Soft leathers and slouchy designs are in vogue, along with retro satchels, even for the gents.

          Of course, one very specialist bag that’ll go down well with any expectant or new mum is a luxury changing bag. When life turns upside down with a baby, mum will appreciate a little bit of a treat, especially one to make her new role in life easier. Switching her clutch bag for a changing bag is a symbolic moment, so make it a good one for her.