Sep 28, 2015

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Geeks are Cool and Trendy, Too

Yes, geeks are cool. In fact, they are so cool, a lot of people imitate their geeky looks and don fake eyeglasses and geeky attire. There was a time when being geeky was so unacceptable to the point of being a target for discrimination and bullying. But those days may be over, or at least, starting to wane down.

In Britain, geeks are everywhere, at least that is what The Guardian said. They are in the music bars, discos, pubs, in the offices and schools. Geeks are swarming places like they are breeding many times more effectively than non-geeks. And this is not a bad thing. In fact, it is great to have smart people coming out of their shell and actually telling the whole world that hey, we are people, too.


In many areas around the world, being intellectually gifted is celebrated. People now recognize the valuable contributions of ultra smart people to society. Well, we all are taking advantage of computers, smartphones, and other gadgets, right? Who made them? Yes, that is right – the geeks.

In Australia, geeks become instant celebrities because of the reality show Beauty and the Geek, wherein a geek is paired with a not-so-smart individual who happens to be extra vain about their physical bodies. In the show, geeks teach beauties to be smarter, and beauties teach geeks to be more presentable.

But while the world is slowly embracing the geek culture and praising their contributions, the world is also starting to discriminate the fake geeks out there. Yes, some people want more attention that they try to look smarter and geeky.


Forbes went on to report that some fake geeks go as far as shopping like crazy just to transform them into great think tanks when all the while, true geeks stay at home and study or play video games than go shopping. Perhaps the world is going haywire with all these geeky-ness going around. But really, it is not enough to look the part because at the end of the day, true smart people never have to try so hard to be smart. And fake geeks – well, they can try to study harder and read more, and perhaps, shop less?