Jan 29, 2013

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Geek Accessories: Tivoli prensents new models and innovative bluetooth radio APP

According to NextFashionBlog, Tivoli tech brand has launched a new Bluetooth version of two of the most famous and photographed radio, which are Model One and PAL that became a true ‘home music hub’. These two iconic models, which have already established themselves as a vista of excellence for the design and audio quality, you can open the Bluetooth technology to enjoy all the music you want, from any mobile device.

Tivoli Radio

Tivoli Radio

You can then switch between simple way radio streaming your favorite songs and Internet radio from the comfort of your smartphone, or your tablet or portable computer. In this way Model One BT and BT PAL will turn into a real music hub to be placed at the center of home audio.

It is a single compact device, characterized by an attractive design and minimal features and a sound quality like no other. Iy does not need adapters or a docking station.

Tivoli Audio has also introduced a new APP ‘off to give more’. It ‘a free APP for Android and IOS products that allow access to as many as 100 web radio channels to be transmitted on the new Bluetooth models.

It is a democratic selection, created after questioning a large number of consumers in the Tivoli Audio on what was the best web radio in the world.

The price of the Model One BT is € 259.00, while the Pal BT has a price of 299.00 euro.

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