Feb 4, 2015

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Furniture Pieces for the Geeky Chic’s Abode

The geeky chic is more than just about wearing the polished geeky ensemble. Apart from her wardrobe of thick-rimmed glasses, pinstriped shirts, sweater vests and nerdy gadgets, the geeky chic is also choosy when it comes to decorating her nook.

Dining Room & Kitchen

The geeky chic loves storage, and is obsessive with keeping things in their rightful places. So expect the dining room and kitchen to be fitted with cabinets and multipurpose furniture pieces. Even the dining table could be hiding some secret drawers underneath. The kitchen and dining have hubs for geeky electronic gadgets, and might even have monitors of spy cameras installed all over the house.



The bedroom is a geeky chic’s private haven where she can be herself without the public scrutinizing her style and quality. Her bedroom is far from ordinary, of course. Once you step inside you might think you are teleported to some video game world or to outer space. She can dress her bedroom with her favorite superhero character and related paraphernalia, making her private space something like that of a toddler’s playground only sexier and better.

Living Room

The living room is equally playful. There would be no boring element here. In fact, the geeky chic usually overdoes her styling of this important space where she receives guests. Think of thousands of books, Rubik’s cube inspired seats, keyboard-designed throw pillows, and coffee tables with geeky designs including that of Pacman, computer motherboard and game controls. Overall, think of the geeky chic’s living room as a miniature of a typical Google office.


Toilet & Bathroom

The toilet and bathroom of the geeky chic is not ordinary either. You just might want to stay longer than you should, feeling amazed of its intricate detailing and geeky styling. And don’t be surprised if you can’t find the toilet bowl that easily. You might need a treasure map to locate it first.

Exterior Space

The geeky chic’s exterior space either appears too outdoorsy or outer space-y or feels like the netherworld. This is the extension of her geeky styling sense, and you can expect extraordinary plants and garden decors in here. Either it is a real garden or a virtual one. But maybe you are just having illusions and you haven’t gone out her house at all.