Mar 11, 2013

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Fratelli Rossetti presents Summer Brera, the icon with the flakes in summer version

The well-known brand made ​​in Italy, Fratelli Rossetti, launched an updated version revisited in summer for the iconic moccasin Brera. A version for the summer that has also taken the name: Summer Brera. A thin sole for the absence of the welt and allayed volumes are the essential features of this new version of the Brera Academy, which continues to maintain the legendary bows.

Summer Brera

Summer Brera

Born in 2009 as part of the “Icons”, the moccasin Brera was the first model of the many on display in the museum today Fratelli Rossetti.

Like every year, this year is going Pitti Uomo to be now in its 82nd edition. On the occasion of Pitti Uomo, Fratelli Rossetti presents Summer Brera in a choice of leathers. Among the many variants, the one that looks interesting and has already had some success is that calfskin brushed by hand, a processing technique that has the ability to bring out the natural light dark skin. This particular model will be available in gray, yellow, green and dark brown.

But there is also another version which is very appealing and  decidedly softer: nappa worked with the technique of Toledo, with hand-coloring directly on the upper. By having ruby, teal and grapes for the Toledo model.

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