Jan 28, 2015

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Following the “Go Big” Hairstyle Trend of Miss Universe 2015

In pageants, having great hair is always vital. Volume is better than straight, boring and lifeless hair. The recent Miss Universe beauty pageant was no different. The ladies were mostly wearing their hair big with large, soft curls spiraling down their shoulders, some tresses falling in front of their chests and others down their backs.

Now ladies with naturally wavy or curly hair have no problem giving their locks volume. But women with limp, straight hair have to go the extra mile just to don big hairdo.

One of the common ways to add volume to hair is using curling iron. Miss USA-Universe 2015 Nia Sanchez admitted she loves lots of volume in her hair and uses CHI curling iron to plump up her rather naturally straight hair and create big, loose curls.


Another widely used trick to make hair appear voluminous is teasing. Miss Universe 2015 contestant from Thailand, Pimbongkod Chankaew, told the press that she does a lot of teasing using a fine-tooth comb, which she carries around. She said that teasing keeps her hair from appearing flat.

Still another trick of giving volume to hair is by throwing the head upside down and applying hairspray on the inner hair strands. A little brush and then voila, once hair is put back into proper place, it suddenly becomes full and big. This is what Alejandra Argudo, Miss Ecuador-Universe 2015, divulged in an interview. The beauty queen admitted she wants lots of volume in her hair and make it look full.


Great Britain’s bet to Miss Universe 2015, Grace Levy, told reporters that she uses dry shampoo to give her hair more volume at the roots. She added that she applies styling spray and use pin curls, as well as back-combs her hair from the roots at night to give her hair more volume.

Now for all those women out there who have issue with limp and flat hair, you are not alone. These beauty queens also struggle with their hair, and are doing what they can even trying do-it-yourself techniques just to add volume to their hair. Yes, having big, loose curls is trendy, and are a big hit during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. You can have that hairstyle, too, by following the beauty tricks and secrets shared to you by some of the contestants.

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