Jul 20, 2016

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Fierce cheekbones in under 10 minutes?

With the rising trend of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, jawline contouring became one of the most requested cosmetic procedures as recently as last year. Dermal fillers are used to resculpt the face and smooth out any wrinkle or fine line in the process.


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Results are temporary of course but the price is much lower than a full-on plastic surgery procedure and much more convenient as it can be done simply over lunch! Cheek augmentation in particular has become a celebrity favourite in recent times. Fuller, plumper cheeks gives a very youthful look that very sought after by the likes of social media and reality TV royalty Kim Kardashian,Jessica Simpson, Nicki Minaj or Megan Fox.

1. How does it work?

A volumizing hyaluronic acid is injected by a cosmetic specialist deep into the skin in the cheek area or right under the under bags. The effect lasts between six and eighteen months, by which time the product will have entirely resorbed. Be ready to spend between £600 and £1000 for a full procedure, depending on which specialist and product brand you opt for.

2. What product is typically used?

Most cosmetic specialists tend to use a volumizing hyaluronic acid such as Sub Q or Juvederm Ultra 4. It’s truly the best type of dermal fillers for the job as the way it reacts with the skin is pretty well-known. Other specialists might opt for a more obscure product range or even fat injections but the effects are less predictable and it might be harder to reach the desired look. In the case of fat injections especially, dieting or putting on weight might have undesirable effects on the treated area: fat cells react differently depending on weight loss and gain and can lead to swelling of the face.

3. A more youthful look?

As we get older, fat tissues tend to travel down the face, making it look hollow and sadly creating jowls in the process. Dermal fillers and cheek augmentation will make the face look fuller and younger as all face features are being pushed back up.

4. Why is it a good idea?

Injectables and jawline contouring are all the rage at the moment and it’s quite a healthy approach compared to plastic surgery, according to experts. A good specialist will try to understand the effect of time on the skin in order to resorb it, thanks to pictures taken throughout the years and a lot of observation. Unlike past surgical trends, this approach allows people to take into consideration the overall look instead of focalizing solely on one specific area that can seem out of place post-treatment if the rest of the face hasn’t been taken into account. Beware the pillow face though, which is an side-effect often affecting celebrities that are going a little too over the top with injections.