Oct 23, 2013

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Faux short hairstyle | For long hair

You want to make an impressive and big change, but you don’t want to cut off your hair? See how you can use a simple trick to get a stunning short hairstyle without having to cut any length from your beautiful long hair.All you have to do is follow the steps below :

1. Use your curling iron to make your hair curly.

2. Start from the side of your head gripping tufts of 5-7 cm in width, starting from the tip of each tuft. Grasp the remaining hair with a clip on the other side of your head for avoiding confusion.

3. Complete the curls all over your head and fasten them with a little hairspray.

4. Backcomb some hair on the top of your head to give volume.

Faux short hair

Faux short hair

5. Comb from the top down to pave and reshape your curls.

6. Grasp your hair into a low, loose ponytail, flip inwards and grasp it with bobby pins at the height of your neck, so it’s not visible.

7. Separate with caution and give your hair a more natural shape. If you have layers, take some of the shortest layers forward, so the hairstyle can have more natural movement.

8. Put a little hairspray and you’re ready!

Faux short hair result

Faux short hair result

By Nicole P.

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