Apr 26, 2014

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Fashionable ways to wear a floral dress this summer

The floral dresses are an absolute must for this summer. For the holidays, the town, the office and evening outings fashion suggests large and small, bold and pastel, flowers. Turning to innocence? Is it an effort of each of us to improve our mood? As in any case, the floral prints are here to stay. Let’s see how the greatest designers propose to wear our flower dresses.

Floral dresses

Floral dresses

Bright colors

When we hear the word floral our mind goes in white dresses with tiny, romantic flowers on it, right? Yet, this year the dresses have bright colors in the background and large bright flowers that resemble tropical islands. Avoid bold accessories and accompany it with nude sandals leaving the colors of the dress to pop out.


Show your tanned shoulders by wearing a sexy strapless floral dress. This feminine look is perfect for sunny days in the countryside or in the city. Combine them with equally feminine accessories and jewelry and complete the look with sandals for a modern look.




You do not need to be 15 years old to wear a tiny floral dress. With thin strapps and very short length the floral dresses reminiscent a babydoll which is ideal for a Sunday morning in the city or for the beach. Combine it with straight sandals with stones and rhinestones and take the opportunity to show off your beautiful legs.


If short and mini dresses is not your style, go straight for the other side. Maxi! The maxi dresses flatter every body type. So choose a floral dress either strapless or with sleeves. Bold, fuzzy or tiny romantic flowers, whatever you choose is absolutely in for this year.

Maxi floral dresses

Maxi floral dresses


Instead of tank tops with shorts dare floral printed dresses this year. With a medium length, a waistes thin belt and romantic style accompanied by platforms will definitely put you in the right summer mood.

Party dress

There is nothing more flattering than a classic floral dress with good application. White background and attention to detail is what this year’s fashion brings back to the fore. Wide straps, square frame and a waistband in the middle are some of these details. Combine it with peep toe sandals in bright colors.

Ruffles and pleats

Draperies, romantic flowers in many layers ruffles are another proposal for floral appearances this summer. Alternatively select a dress in fabric that looks like crumpled. Jewellery with colored stones and sandals with many straps will complement your appearance in the best way.

Floral dress with ruffles

Floral dress with ruffles


Faded floral, loose belts, lots of bracelets and platforms are the ingredients that create a relaxed bohemian look with the wide, short dress as a beginning. It is so chic! Don’t be afraid to try it out!

By Nicole P.

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