Aug 22, 2016

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Fashion Tips That Don’t Grow Old with Time

Fashion trends might come and go, but there are fashion tips that seem to stay forever. Here they are:

Show skin in a strategic way.

If you want to look truly sexy, you should know what to bare and what to hide, or else you will miss out on the mystery. This means that you should choose only one body part to show off, like if it is legs, do not show off your cleavage. Of it is your top, then stay covered below.

Use bright accessories.


Especially when your closet is full of neutrals, you can add energy to your ensemble by having boldly hued accessories, such as bags and shoes. Not only will these pieces be lively, but they are also surprisingly versatile. For example, you can wear a neutral base with a bag and pair of shoes in different complementary colors.

Hem pants at shoe height.

One huge fashion mistake that you could make is wearing pants that are not the appropriate length for your shoes. To fix this, see to it that your hems should just graze the top of your shoes and be about .50 or .75 inch off the floor.

Embrace your shape.

Once you have determined the silhouettes that flatter you, ruthlessly filter the trends ruthlessly. For example, if you are shapely and petite, it would be best to stay away from billowy maxis and tall columns even if you like them, and then stick to a dress with a hem that is just above the knee and a defined waist.


Be prepared every time you hit the dressing room.

If you are shopping for a very important dress, you should get a true feel for its fit by bringing your thigh or hip slimmer with you. Also, bring your beauty kit to get a better sense of your final look. Now, aside from observing the fashion trends of today, you should also see to it that you follow the fashion tips that don’t grow old, such as those mentioned above.