Mar 28, 2016

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Fashion Styles That Would Actually Make You Look Older

You may have gotten rid of that mom jeans, but there are still other fashion styles that would not do you any favor, especially when it comes to looking younger. Here are some things you should look out for:

Hiding Out Your Assets

If you are always trying to cover your arms, hips or stomach underneath a shapeless garment, you are actually making yourself look heavier. Instead, you can wear a well-cut jacket that is shorter in length to showcase your most flattering parts and is one that should create a smooth line down your torso.

Painting It Black “Literally”

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While black is appropriate for almost every occasion and can definitely do wonders for trimming a figure, as you become older, your skin naturally tends to become paler, and wearing black could create a harsh contrast that would emphasize your wrinkles and call attention to dark shadows around your eyes and under your chin.

Too-Stretched Jeans

Without a doubt, stretched denim is both comfortable and stylish, but it can also lead to lumpiness. According to fashion experts, it is best to go for jeans with 2% elastic fiber, with care labels of spandex, Lycra or elastane. Make sure your jeans will follow your silhouette, providing enough stretch for your legs not to look like they are fighting to break free from your pants. Also, go for those that will not sag at the tush.

Skirt That Is Way Down

Skirts that graze close to your ankles may slightly hide your saggy knees, but it would also make you look wider. You can instead try a form-fitting midi-skirt that comes to the middle of your calf.

Glasses That Are Too Geek Chic

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Instead of wearing dark and thick frames that would underscore your under-eye shadows and wrinkles, you can wear delicate plastic frames that have a bit of jewel embellishment or sparkle. You can also experiment with neon colors on the inside of the glasses’ arms that produce the same brightening effect.