Sep 12, 2016

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Fashion Industry Trends Observed in 2016

As designers showcased their latest creations on the runway at the Big Four fashion weeks, there have been some interesting trends spotted this year. Here are three of the most common changes we are seeing among designers, houses, and brands.

Sustainable Fashion

Going green is a universal trend in all industries as consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and particular about where products come from and how they were made. The fashion industry has been criticised for being the second worst pollutant, the first being oil. Organic, sustainable, labour fair, ethical, and environmentally made garments is now a must.


Wearable Designs

Admit it; there have been instances when you saw an outfit on the runway and you were thinking “what is that thing?” with more bewilderment than awe. Fashion equals to being avant garde, but sometimes, there have been creations that look artistic and creative but are too ‘complicated’ to wear unless you are going to a costume party or want to really stand out at an event. Today, more designers are paying attention to the need for clothing to be innovative, yet wearable at the same time. They are catering to the desire of consumers to have garments they can wear every day that still carry the artistic signature of forward-thinking fashion labels.


See-Now-Buy-Now Scheme

More fashion labels are adopting this trend where shows on runways are streamed live online and consumers can now make immediate orders if they see something they like. With technology and social media invading all aspects of our lives, the fashion industry has adopted these tools to bring their creations even closer to buyers, and in faster time. No longer do fashion conscious individuals have to wait for 6 months or more to get the trendiest outfits, and designers can also showcase collections for more recent seasons instead of having to present their winter creations during summer.