Oct 15, 2014

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Fashion Choices That Make You Look Cheap

To look like a million dollar doesn’t mean spending the exact amount on clothes. It’s all about choosing clothes that fit, and are comfortable to wear. Some outfits, however, may come with a hefty price tag but are pretty cheap in looks.

What are design styles you must avoid?

Don’t buy pieces with poorly attached embellishments

There’s a big difference between beads, studs, embroidery and sequins done by skilled craftspeople. No matter how often you wear the outfit or how much you move, the embellishments won’t easily come off. When they’re done by a machine, expect a few of them to go missing at some point. Would you still want to wear a top when a few sequins are missing?

Don’t wear clothes with gathered seams

Gathered seams may hide body issues that are unflattering, but it can render a cheap look. If you want to invest in good clothes, make sure to buy pieces with sharp tailoring, clean lines and pleats.

Don’t buy cotton knits in dark colors


Such pieces may look great at first, but not after they’re washed and dried. A few more washes and cotton knit sweaters will look fuzzier and more faded in color. If you really want to own cotton knits, choose those with light colors, so it won’t be very obvious when the color fades. Remember not to machine wash or dry them as well.

Don’t wear anything with machine-made lace

To the untrained eye, distinguishing high-quality handmade lace from the flat, machine-made ones may be difficult. But fashion experts can tell the difference right away. Since superior lace is very expensive, change your preference to outfits with fine mesh instead. They look just as sexy, minus the hefty price tag. It’s so easy to commit fashion faux pas, especially if you’re no fashionista. But you can avoid looking cheap by taking note of the tips above.

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