Dec 27, 2014

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Falling in Love with Stripes and Getting the Style Right

Spring 2015 fashion would be all stripes. Despite being the dominant pattern, however, wearing them right can be a real challenge for a lot of people. If you share the same dilemma, check out what the experts suggests for you to pull off the right fashionable look.


Mix ‘em Big and Small

Unlike pairing floral with floral, mixing stripes with stripes won’t look as chaotic. But you have to choose the right style. A good idea would be to choose a top that features a mix of big and horizontal stripes, and then pair it with skirt, shorts, pants or leggings with smaller, vertical stripes. Start off with clothes that are darker in colors, such as black or navy, before you experiment with bright shades.

Keep it bold and prominent

Do you prefer a simpler ensemble? A neutral approach would be to wear a top with bold stripes and then pair it with denims or khakis. You can also mix in other classic prints, including polka dots and floral, but keep an eye on whether the patterns blend easily or clash. It is also important that you keep accessories to a minimum.

Peter Som - Runway - MADE Fashion Week Spring 2014

Elevate your look with striped accessories

You can’t be fashionable if you don’t wear the right accessory. With regards to stripes, your clothes should not be the only ones with linear patterns. You should also invest in striped accessories to stay trendy, especially during the spring of 2015. So, apart from buying plenty of striped dresses, tops, knit tees and sweaters, you should also have a pair of striped sunglasses or shoes.

There are many rules on how to wear stripes so you don’t end up looking like a fashion victim. But stick with the simplest and easiest to remember to avoid spending a lot of time getting ready for a night out or a date.

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