Nov 16, 2015

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Fall and Winter Shoe Trends for Women for 2015 to 2016

Probably, you have already looked into the prints, colors and styles of clothing that you are going to wear come the cold months, but have you already thought about your shoes? Here are what’s trendy for fall and winter shoes for women for this year to the next:

The Classic Pumps

These shoes are to be seen everywhere on the fall and winter of this year until the end of the next. They are back in style and are looking amazing with leather leggings, cropped pants and flared trousers. As you can see, thick and thin-heel pumps were among the biggest shoe trends to hit the runways in the fall of 2015. They even shaped one of the most timeless shoe trends for the said season.


The Perfect Ankle Booties

With good cause, boots are always making big impressions for the fall and winter seasons. While other designs are just high enough to endure the snows and keep the feet warm, there are also others that took on the form and shape of cut-out ankle boots, which are low enough to flaunt some legs.

The Peep-Toe Shoes and Sandals

Normally, your feet should be well clad and kept warm when you go out during the colder seasons. However, there are certain regions with days and times that are not as cold as other places, which means that you can surely get away with a sling-back or an open toe design. What’s more, you can have them in thin or thick heels and in a material that you like.


The Lace Up or Gladiator Style Footwear

Gladiator style footwear are popular during the spring and summer seasons, but they are now taking on a new form, as the lacing idea has evolved to add character that adapted them to the colder months so well. These are just very few of the vast array of fall and winter shoe trends that you can have to be fashionable while keeping your feet comfy during the cold months.

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