Jan 13, 2016

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Dress to Impress at Horse Racing Events in 2016

Now that 2016 is upon us many people will be looking forward to various exciting events that are set to take place over the course of the year. This includes a range of thrilling sporting events including the variety of horse racing meetings that take place on an annual basis. This year is set to be another exciting one for horseracing fans, as there is plenty to look forward to including the world famous Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham Festival.

Of course, not everyone will be able to make it to these horseracing events and for those who can’t, there will be plenty of media coverage of the event as well as the chance to get racing tips and information via sites such as Bookies.com where you can get a helping hand if you fancy participating in some Cheltenham Festival betting or having a flutter on your favourites at Royal Ascot this year. For those who do intend to head to these major races, however, it is important to ensure that you dress to impress, as fashion has now become a big part of the world of horse racing.

What to look for when choosing your outfit

Whether you are heading to the thrill of the Cheltenham Festival or whether you want to show off your fashion sense at Ascot or the Grand National, it is important to put some thought into the type if outfit you choose for this year’s major horseracing meetings. While most people are keen to dress to impress, particularly on special days such as Ladies’ Day, there are also other factors that you need to consider in order to ensure you choose the perfect outfit for the day.

Fabulous during the event

Fabulous during the event

One thing to remember is that there is now often a dress code in place, so make sure you take a look at this before you purchase an outfit for the races so that you can successfully adhere to the guidelines provided. When it comes to choosing the right style it is always advisable to opt for something that is elegant and sophisticated rather than something too daring or opulent. This will ensure that you really look the part, as you can combine classic glamour with timeless elegance.

Another thing you need to take into consideration when deciding on your outfit is practicality. While it may not seem very exciting to have to be practical when choosing an outfit for a special event, you need to bear in mind that you may be outdoors and on your feet for long periods of time and the last thing you want is your day ruined because to experience discomfort. Therefore, make sure the outfit you invest in is comfortable and easy to wear.