Jun 6, 2013

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Delikatessen | The men’s collection autumn-winter for 2013-2014

Even here the atmosphere is retro delicacy. It can be described as a cold season governed by the extent by a tone of confidence. A fall-winter 2013-2014 designed fashion, at least this is the first feeling looking at the collection for a young “comme il faut”, but underneath it hides a rebellious heart. A restless nature I would say. The shirts linear, sometimes reveal monastic details, that are almost unexpected. The gray-white ice, blue discreet rivals are then suddenly emboldened, eager for life. (Of light and movement).


A shirt is offered, almost suddenly in a tissue of thousand lines, exquisitely colorful, a bomber lightning before our tbsp in a cobalt blue from black profiling. A strong contrast which makes us surprising that it reveals a series of flashes as the game of being and could be confusing, always stir cards and personality.

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