Jul 26, 2013

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David Beckham presents his new fragrance

Its name is David Beckham Classic, the new fragrance signed by the English footballer, inspired by his great personality. Speaking of the fragrance David Beckham said: “My new fragrance, the David Beckham Classic, is an expression of my style! It is modern, stylish and masculine. I love the spicy and woody notes. It’s classic but also in step with the times.”

David Beckham Classic fragnance

David Beckham Classic fragnance

A sizzling blend of gin and tonic, lime and galbanum give the fragrance an initial burst of effervescent freshness. From this emerges a body spicy cypress, nutmeg and mint that seduces the senses. Finally, a mixture of woody notes, warm and engaging add a refined elegance to the whole package. And of course it has the sign and name of David Beckham!

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