Dec 12, 2013

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Cosmetic beauty products | Expiration date

Every woman has a makeup bag filled with cosmetic beauty products. But how often do you check the expiration date on these products? It is very important that you keep in mind that everything you buy can be used for a certain amount of time, depending on the product.

Clear nail polish

Throw away bottles which have been open for 2 years. If you haven’t opened it yet it can be kept indefinitely. The only thing that can happen to it is to be denser varnish if some components evaporate.

Hair dye

Discard them after 24 months. Their composition changes with time, making insufficient efficacy. Also, there is the danger that unsightly strips with various color shades.

Cosmetic products & expiration date

Cosmetic products & expiration date

Moisturizing cream

Once you open it, calculate 1 year. If sealed it can be used after 2 years. As the years go by they grow bacteria and cause rashes, itching sensation or infections.

Acne creams

You can replace them after 2 years and even faster if you notice any change in color or smell. After a certain period it evaporates their constituents.

Cosmetic products & expiration date

Cosmetic products & expiration date


It is better to buy a mascara every 3 months. Otherwise, the bacteria are very likely to create redness in your eyes but also the texture of the gain unwanted grain.


The toothbrush should be changed once the fur is altered. The use of it should not exceed 3 months. It is necessary to change the toothbrush after an illness.

By Nicole P.