Nov 12, 2013

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Color combinations that flatter your body

Observing fashion, you will notice that the rules of one year, shot down the next year. Right and wrong do not exist. We should pay attention, only to ourselves by buying clothes that suit our body type and tone of our skin. Today we will give you some tips on colors and we will see what are the most flattering combinations.

The white, black and gray are neutral colors. Cold colors are blue, yellow and red. Block colors are fuchsia, the electric blue, bright yellow, grass green, orange and teal. Earthy colors are all the shades of brown, dark green and all the shades of green, burgundy, ocher, bronze and ivory. Pastels are lilac, the salmon, light blue, pure pink, lemon, sugar, pistachio and pear. The gray color can be combined with any other color.

Beautiful and flattering outfit combinations:

1) Earthy colors fit great with pastels.

2) Do not try to wear earthy colors with block colors.

3) Do not combine with the classic black with brown. In contrast, black with camel and tabac can be combined perfectly.

4) Say yes in black combined with ecru, black, however has to be a secondary color.

Black and Camel combination

Black and Camel combination

5) The grey colos works as a balancer.

6) When you wear black it should not be capped by bright colors. For example, the bright color should occupy the largest part of our body.

7) The white is not easily combined with red, rarely with purple and all the earthy colors.

8) Do not forget, the color combinations main objective is the visual harmony.

Black & White Outfits

Black & White Outfits

By Nicole P.