Oct 11, 2014

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Cold-Busting Fitness Regime to Keep You in Shape This Winter

The cold may be one good chance to stay snuggled up under the covers, but you shouldn’t make it an excuse to completely neglect your fitness goals. Instead of staying indoors and bingeing on fatty foods all winter, why not make this your motivation to stay fit and healthy, so you can have a beach-ready body in time for summer? Besides, working up a sweat is the best way to keep your body temperature warmer on a chilly day. Most importantly, exercise can boost your immune system, helping you fight coughs and sneezes.

Bust the cold and get into shape this winter with these fantastic tips:


Set an achievable goal.

Idealistic: being a size 2 in 1 month. Realistic: dropping down a few dress sizes at the end of winter. Keep in mind that losing weight can be doubly hard during winter because you hardly sweat due to the cold. Thus, it makes it wiser to set achievable goals that don’t feel like you’re beating yourself up.

Choose physical activities you are comfortable doing.

This can be biking, running, working out at the gym or doing Yoga. What’s important is that you do it because you want to, not because everyone else is doing it. Also, you don’t necessarily need to go out of the house to burn calories.


Recruit family and friends.

Working out on your own can boring and de-motivating. So invite family and friends to get into shape with you for a more enjoyable time. You can hire a fitness trainer to ensure that you and your group are doing the right thing.

Keep your body moving.

As part of your exercise regime, it’s important that you choose to constantly move your body. For example, you might want to take public commute on your way to your job. Then, get off at the bus stop before your office so you can walk a few meters on your way to work. You can also choose to ride a bike, instead of commuting. With all these in mind, there’s no excuse why you should not keep yourself fit even during winter.